Cocoa & Coffee
Shipping, Port Operations & Logistics Versao em Portugues


Backed by the expertise of its founder, a primary product dealer, Brandão Filhos was estabilished in 1939, first as a sisal exporter the expanding its activities into cocoa and coffee trading and also coffee farming in the south-west of the state of Bahia.

In the 50s, as result of the large growth achieved on its own exports abroad, Brandão started an Agency Department in order to fulfill with prevailing market demands and improve the Logistics involved. This Department soon evolved into a Shipping Agency, the know as Brandão Filhos Fortship Agência Marítima which expanded its activities during the 90s with new offices in the Northeast region.

This expansion was again noted in 2004 with its new enterprise in the Port of Belém (Amazonic Region) with establishment of the Belém office, BF Fortship Agência Marítima Ltda., soon becoming a major Port Operator in that region. The continuos growth of BF Fortship in the region with breakbulk operations in Santarém has now been diversified to attend also containers operations started in 2008 to meet the demands of its prime shipowners & customers.

The group, now renowmed by the expertise of its controllers in the areas of Chartering, Agency Husbandry, Port Operations and Logistics Consultants, hs actively followed and shared the boom of development in the States of Bahia, Pernambuco, Alagoas, Rio Grande do Norte, Ceará and Pará, handling the operations of the various projects implemented in the region since 1994.

The good services rendered over the years ans excellence achieved in the business made the company known as one of the prime in the segment in these regions of te country.